A review of Adams Polishes Interior and Leather Cleaner + Conditioner + Leather Brush

Hello fellow detailing enthusiast!

I recently had the pleasure to tackle a very grimey leather seat with some of adams products.

I ordered my adams products from http://www.adamspolishes.ca/ which there is an american and canadian site.

The products I used were: Adams Interior and Leather Cleaner, Adams Leather Conditioner, and Adams Horse Hair Brush.

Below is a picture of the products along with the seat I will be tackling.

Adams Interior and Leather Cleaner

This seats is suppose to be a light beige color. It has had 300,000 km of torture so lets lighten this bad boy up.

I first tested the product on the arm rest, here is a nice 50/50 shot of the arm rest after cleaning it.

Top half is clean, bottom half is dirty

Top half is clean, bottom half is dirty

Once satisfied, I moved onto the seat.

To start, I sprayed the leather and interior cleaner onto the seat and then wiped it with a microfibre towel.

Since this was so dirty, I had to use the horse brush to help loosen up that grime. This brush saved me a huge headache, It would literally leave the seat looking 10x cleaner with one stroke.

Here is a comparison of the clean seat, versus the dirty seats.

Clean on the left, dirty on the right.

Clean on the left, dirty on the right.


The seat took about an hour to clean and condition. The results speak for themselves.

Adams Conditioner has a SPF of 65 protection, smells great, and leaves the seat feeling soft. I did not use the applicator to put on the conditioner. Instead, I applied it by hand. I put small amounts onto the seat and worked it in with my hand so I could get every little crevice.

I had to be careful around the cracks in the seat so not to make them worse.

The cleaner is water based and can be diluted at a 1:1 ratio. I used it at full strength and next time I will try to see how it does diluted.

As a bonus, you can use the leather conditioner in your home.

The adams products used were amazing and I would highly recommend them.


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