About Me

I am a Computer Programmer who started at a young age.

I first started learning how to program by doing one of those “Learn c++ in 30 days!” guides. It was fun but I wanted to do something exciting that I thought would reach out to more people.

I started developing Human Escape. It started out as a small RPG with little functionality. As I slowly added features it grew very quickly. Once I started getting active players I was hooked, there is no greater feeling then being in control of your own world and have people following your set of rules. Developing at a young age had its ups and downs, I was barely in high school when I started this project. Before I knew it I had a full blown community who created their own ways of interacting and player in my environment I created for them.

During my development and growth phase I found out I have great skills in finding bugs, fixing them, looking at others codes and debugging it. I have had multiple jobs in tracking bugs and fixing them. I have sat down with owners of million dollar businesses and advised them with new website designs. I have tested website security and prevented devastating errors from occurring. I love testing websites, if you have one you wanted tested do not hesitate to contact me.

Human Escape started my love for programming. After which I started some small projects, such as Human Wars which main point was to conquer the most land. I created Black Knight which was a small but creative game which I sold. I had to take a break for school as work got very heavy, I left a close friend in charge of my baby and it lasted for quite some time.

With better time management skills I have entered back into what I love, building games. I have also ventured into the app design business. That is where I stand today, expanding my knowledge and building amazing pieces of code which people adore using. I created Over Thrown to get me back in the game and brush off the dust from my skills. I employed new technology which compared to my old code created a cleaner and faster experience.

I regularly help out people with designs, bug fixing, and general coding. If you need help or wish to hire someone to do work for you, simply contact me to do so.