An Easy Way To See If Your Surface Is In Turbo Boost With Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

Why Use Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

You might want to monitor if you are using your CPU’s ability to enter Turbo Boost. Turbo Boost is a boost in CPU frequency for short periods of time. Having the ability to quickly and easily see if your are using Turbo Boost can help you determine if, why, and when Turbo Boost is being used. You might also be trying to boost your battery life by disabling Turbo Boost, in this case you want to see if you disabled Turbo Boost properly.

There are ways to tell if you are in Turbo Boost, some of which are built into the machine. Others require installation of software, such as Intel Turbo Boost Monitor. You can use another popular program, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, but I personally find Intel Turbo Boost Monitor to be much simpler.

Intel Turbo Boost Monitor is not supported by all CPUs and Operating Systems, so double check before installing it.

Alright, I Need Intel Turbo Boost Monitor. Where Can I Get It?

There are many sites to download Intel Turbo Boost Monitor, one of which is Simply download it and install it. I won’t cover that here, because if you are looking at installing a monitor program like this I assume you know how to install programs.

How To Use Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

This program could not be any simpler to use. Open it and you see a graph representing your CPU Frequency. If you are in Turbo Boost, the graph changes color.

Here is what it looks like to not be in Turbo Boost:

Example of not using turbo boost

Example of not using turbo boost


Here is what it looks like to be in Turbo Boost:

Example of using turbo boost

Example of using turbo boost


If you compare the two images above, you will notice not only the graphic changes to represent the CPU Frequency (the taller it is, the higher the frequency) but it also visually makes it easy to tell when you are in Turbo Boost. If you monitor the application, you will notice the bar fluctuates in and out of Turbo Boost, and sometimes shrinks to almost nothing. This is because your frequency is always changing depending on your usage.

It Is That Simple

It is that simple. You can now monitor your usage and easily spot if you are using Turbo Boost. Please comment with questions or other ways you monitor your Turbo Boost usage.




Intel Turbo Boost Monitor Crashes/Does Not Work

I did encounter one hiccup when using this application. It does not like Hyper-V. With Hyper-V enabled, Intel Turbo Boost would crash, or not even open at all. If you experience this, make sure Hyper-V is turned off.


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