Know It All

Ever have a question about Halifax? Such as what district am I in? When is garbage pick up? Where are all the parks located? Where can I find an accessible bus? You can discover all that and ever more with Know It All!

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Loads of display options

Customize the map to see only what you want to see. View many different types of data and discover things you never knew existed about Halifax.

Interactive map for a better experience.

Data you choose to see on the map is interactive. Simply clicking on locations will display the information associated with that location.

Easily move, zoom, and change the map. No learning curve at all.

Never get confused

Built on one simple principle. Design so anyone can use it. Not sure what you are looking at? There is a legend built into the map to let you know what you are viewing. One of many features to make your life easier in accessing the data you wish to view.

Your maps, your way

You can change the look of the map to get a better sense of the area. Found a cool park? Get a nice overview by switching to the satellite view!