The following are apps I have created.

Air Hockey Rush

It is Air Hockey, such a rush!

Badly Drawn Ants

Tap the ants away! Use one of three special powers to get rid of the ants before they steal your food.

Capture The Birdz

Capture the birds flying across the screen.

Change Please

A game to help you improve your coin counting skills.

Christmas Switch-A-Roo


Windows 10/Windows 10 Phone:

A game where you have only 1 shot to get it right. Watch as Santa hides a good present in 1 of 3 options. He then tries to confuse you by moving the 3 presents around. Pick the right one and you win!

Get Active Around Me

Created by Greg and I for CODE 2015. An app to find the perfect gym class in your location.


A sandbox to allow you to build whatever you can think of.

2048 Twist

2048 Twist Gameplay

A sample of gameplay

Description: 2048 but with a twist. Combine like blocks to increase your points. Run out of spaces and you lose. Twist your way or undo your actions if you get stuck.

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Currently Available On:

Windows Phone 8.1:

Windows 8.1:


Chop Master

Carrot Chop

Chop Master game, Carrot Chop

Description: A fun game where you have different challenges and difficulties to complete. Test your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Can you become a master chef?

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Currently Available on:

If you are interested in playing the app, you can play it here:

To download for Windows 8.1 go to:

To download for Windows Phone 8.1 go to:

 Do You Want To Build A Snowman

A Snowman built with Do You Want To Build A Snowman

A Snowman built with Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Description: An app which is fun and sparks your creativity. Use numerous objects and controls to create your very own snowman.

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Currently Available on:

Windows Desktop 8.1:

Windows Phone:

Blackberry 10:


 Handy Tool

Every handy man needs to have some fun.

Magic 8 Ball (no longer offered)

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Market, free version:

Market, paid version:


See your future

Description: Allows you to ask it simply yes/no questions. Shaking the phone or clicking it reveals your destiny.

 Magic Beer Glass

A fun way to get to know people at your party. (Please drink responsibly)

Mosaic For Photographers

A fun way to display your pictures.

Never have I ever (old version)

To see this app in the market go here:

To see my blog post about this app go here:


Description: A small application which features the Never Have I Ever game. You click a button to process a new question such as “Never have I ever . . . Ate fish in a pool while doing a backflip” which is great for small gatherings, parties, or killing time. The current version features a PG-13 set of questions, and an adult set.

This Or That

You are presented with two choices, and must pick only one of them. Will you pick this, or that?

Android V2:

Windows 10/Windows Phone 10 V1:

Change Log:

V2: Introduced a comparison feature, see how your picks compare to others

Tic Tac Toe – U

It is Tic Tac Toe, your way.