Chop Master for Windows/Phone 8.1 a #DevMov Challenge

In an earlier post I had mentioned that Developer Movement (or #DevMov) is back. The first challenge, which is posted here had to do with making an app that is food related. I have gone ahead and created an app for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 called Chop Master.

Chop Master is a pretty simple, yet addicting game. It features 3 game types. Each game type has a different style of play, and its own high-score table featuring your three best scores. Below are the different types of games:

1) Carrot Chop – This mode has multiple difficulties which challenge your timing skills. You must click, or touch the screen in order to chop a carrot. In order to gain points you must tap the screen as the word Chop moves across the screen, over a black bar. Gain additional points for consecutively tapping the screen when Chop is in the right position, without messing up.

2) Potatoe Wash – Test your swiping skills. Clean the potatoe by swiping the screen. The faster you clean the potatoe, the better.

3) Celery Snack – Enjoy a nice and easy snack, while beating your best time. Tap the Cheese Spread in order to prep your knife. Spread the cheese by tapping the celery. Don’t know what to do? No worries! The on-screen help will guide you.

Below is what Carrot Chop looks like:

Carrot Chop

Chop Master game, Carrot Chop

As you can see from the image above, the typically black-bar is currently red over the word Chop. If you miss tapping at the right time, this bar turns red for a short time. If you tap while Chop is over the bar, but not centered perfectly it will be yellow. If you tap at the perfect time, the bar will turn green. The knife moves along the carrot automatically.


If you are interested in playing the app, you can play it here:

To download for Windows 8.1 go to:

To download for Windows Phone 8.1 go to:


Lastly, check out Twitter for the latest #DevMov tweets:

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