Creating my first Android App

I decided it was time to make my first app.

To start, I created a web interface the app will run off of. This is what the app talks to in order to get data. Since I never created an app before I created a web version to work with. I know how to make a website so this was easy, once satisfied all I had to do was create the android version, but uhh, where to start?

The first thing was getting the latest eclipse version. Once there I had to get the android APK which takes some time to install. All of the steps needed are layed out for you in the android development pages found here ( This is a great resource and will give you almost all the information you need, it even has example codes to get you started. If you have any questions, this is the first place to look.

Next, I had to get familiar with the android API. Again, it is all very well written on the android development page. I quickly put together an app which I included some screens shots of below. The app is simple, it is called This or That. You are given two options and must pick only one, you have no other options. Once you pick your choice, another two options appear. To save my server from strain, I added a timer so you could not go click crazy (you can see the timer in the screen shots).

Creating my first app taught me a couple things:

  • The API is huge, has many options, and you really need to become comfortable with it.
  • You have many ways of doing things, but if you are stuck google is a great resource. I was having issues with getting my network data on newer android versions. I found out that Async was the best option, this was a painfully long mistake.
  • Try your app on a device. This is in the development guide book, but I cannot stress enough you should try it. By doing so I found out my app resets when you flip your screen. I also determined my layout must be redesigned as it looks good on a phone but not so good on my tablet.
  • Start small and work yourself up. My web version has many more options than my app. Once your app works good you can slowly build it up, one step at a time.

If you would like to try my app, I can email it to you. I have not put it on the market yet as I would like to expand it first. I may release the code once complete, but if you have any questions please let me know.




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