Developer Movement Gets More Challenges #DevMov

#DevMov has been underway now for a few months. If you have not joined, it is still not too let to win some awesome prizes. A new set of mini-challenges has become available which allow you to learn some basics, while taking home some sweet rewards. You can also take on the major challenges and develop some apps.


Here is a summary of the current mini-challenges (you can view the official page here):

MVA Challenge

500 Points

Complete one of 3 modules to complete this challenge. These MVA challenges are informative and allow you to test the waters on new technology.


300 points

These challenges allow you to get familiar with Microsofts Azure service. If you have not tried it before you can try it for free on a trial. They also offer some free-tiered services (which in my experience, does result in about $1-$2 a month in charges).

Follow a supplied MongoLab and create a MongoDB for some easy points.


200 points

Test out editing browser-prefixed properties. If you have never tried it, now is a perfect time.

Visual Studio

200 points

Visual Studio offers many advantages and tools. For this mini-challenge you will dive into making apps in multiple languages in order to score points towards your rewards.


400 points

These are always fun. Follow a video in order to port a Unity Game to Windows Phone quickly and easily.


If you do not think you have what it takes to make an app, at-least complete all of the mini challenges. If you have not started, what are you waiting for? If you stick with it you are guaranteed to score some sweet rewards.


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