#DevMov Is back! Microsoft welcomes programmers to learn and each prizes in Developer Movement

If you have ever wanted to get into creating Windows Phone, or Windows 8 app’s, now is the time! Or, if you wish to enhance your skills Microsoft has made it easy for you. Developer Movement has numerous challenges for you to complete and for each one you successfully do, you get points. These points in-turn can be used for sweet prizes such as a Nokia Phone, Gaming Mouse, or even a shiny new Surface Pro 3.

The first challenge is available, if you make a app that relates to food you get bonus points! If you cannot think of anything, have no fear . . . you still get points for making any app.

Along with making an app, there are plenty of mini challenges for an outrageously awesome amount of points. For example, make Hello World in three different programming languages for some easy points.


To learn more head on over to: developermovement.ca

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