#DevMov Microsoft Challenge 2 kicks off

In a previous post I had described the Developer Movement. #DevMov, or Developer Movement is put on by Microsoft to encourage programming. They have some interesting challenges for you to complete in order to gain points. These points can be collected and used on prizes such as a sweet new Touchscreen monitor, or Surface Pro 3.


Although Challenge 1’s main challenge is not over until the end of November, Challenge 2 is now available and can be viewed here.

Challenge 2 consist of one main challenge, and 5 mini-challenges. The main challenge can gain you a total of 2,100 points but, if you do the bare minimum expect to only see 1,000. By submitting one app to the Windows Store or Windows Phone store, you will received 1,000 points. You can get additional points by:

  • If you submit to both stores, you get an additional 500 points.
  • Add in lock screen integration for another 200 points.
  • If you impress the #DevMov team, you get a bonus 200 points.
  • Promote your app on Facebook by positing it on the Microsoft Developer Page, for another 200 points.
  • Last, but not least if you make your app revolve around a winter theme, you will score another 200 points.

The following are your mini challenges (see challenge page for exact descriptions and links):

1. MVA Challenge (500 points)

 Complete one module from your choice of 3 different courses. This seems pretty easy, typically they include about a 20-60 minute video and a 5 question quiz.

2. Azure (300 points)

Create a virtual machine. This is not too bad. You can create a trial azure account which will do the trick.

3. Labs (400 points)

If you ever wanted to learn some Python, now is the time. Complete 2 parts of the Python tutorial and you are pretty much in the money!

4. Visual Studio (200 points)

Connect Visual Studio to a Git repo. Very simple, heck, you could create a repo from the Python code you made earlier.

5. Visual Studio Online (200 points)

Create a mathematical function and perform unit test on it. This one again, is pretty simple. If you have never done unit test, you might need to do some research but all-in-all it is a great learning experience.

That’s it! Do all of the mini challenges to gain an astonishing 1,600 points! That is a total of 3,700 possible points this challenge. You would be over 1/10th the way towards a shiny new Surface Pro 3.

Get coding #DevMov Followers!


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