Drum Roll . . . AirConsole Winners are in, Including First Place Winner of $10,000 USD

If you don’t know what AirConsole is, it is a platform that turns your TV into your gaming console, and your phone into the controller. The specs required are extremely low, and there is a huge variety of games. The games range from action/adventure, to trivia games, including Cards Against Humanity. You can easily get a group of friends playing and have hours of fun. Best of all, it is 100% free! You can pay to be a Hero, which has its own benefits, but that is a discussion for another time.


So what is this contest about? AirConsole announced last year a huge contest with the top prize being $10,000 USD and anyone could join. Developers from all over got together to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and jointly created a total of 62 submissions. In the end, there could only be one winner!

8Bit Fiesta took home first place. A game designed for 2-4 players with a retro look and feel. This was actually released on Steam last year, and ported to AirConsole.

Tied Together took home second place (and $2,500). This game I am a fan of. It just looks and feels great. You need to play as a team to win, your fates are literally tied together.

Press To Play took home third and $1,000. This is a collection of several games and is said to be a polished experience. I have not tried it myself as it is not available in the store yet, but I cannot wait to try all these new games.


At the end of the contest, there were 47 total games (see them here: https://www.airconsole.com/play). This is a successful contest, there were more submissions than actual games on the market!


Did you take part in this contest? If so, what was your app?

If not, why didn’t you?

Have you tried AirConsole yet, what were your thoughts and favorite game?

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