Human Escape Tournament, bug fixes, and more!

A new update launched today and to celebrate a tournament took place.

A total of 4 people where online and it went well! I was one of them so that kind of does not count, but it was fun bashing people around.
Here is the placing
1st Admin
2nd C4ged R4ged who was awarded 10 p2p days
3rd C4ged Knight who was awarded 5 p2p days
4th Newb Bait who was awarded 5 p2p days

After the tournament a gang of fiends tried to take over but everyone held their ground and stood up to them.
C4ged R4ged found an Assassination item and even killed the darkest fiend of them all. Newb Bait also found an Assassination item.


Some small bug fixes were implemented today too. More to come as they are brought to my attention.


There is the FIRST official tournament since re launching the game happening onĀ August 29, 2013 (Thursday) at 14:00 game time (type /see time) or, 7:00 pm Atlantic Time. To prepare for this, the server limit has been increased.

The prizes will be determined by the number of players online. To give you an example of what might happen, if 4 people enter (not including myself, I will not be entering this time) then someone might win access to a plane of their choice for winning. This is a newb tournament, so you have to be under level 25,000.

As the player base rises each day, I suspect a full blown tournament will happen soon where anyone can join.


As always, after the tournament you can expect to see some fiends prowling around waiting to become challenged. Take your rage out on them because you lost.


I cannot wait to see you all at the tournament.


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