Magic 8 Ball App

This app is for android.

See the App here:

And the ad free version which requires no special permissions:


Magic 8 Ball has 2 version built in. You can select a text based version which is pretty light weight, then there is an animated version which is a bit crude at the moment but in future versions it will be smooth.

A nice feature is the ability to shake your phone in order for it to work. So it is kind of like a real magic 8 ball. If shaking is annoying, you can click the magic 8 ball to get the same result. The magic 8 ball has your typical 20 responses.

Some screen shots:

Initial screen


Once you press or shake the phone you get this:

See your future


It is a simple app currently, but once it is downloaded more and time open ups you will see some nice features to finish the app up. It is fully functional now, but I love to give users more customization.


Comments? Suggestions?

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