Make sure you play around – How else will you learn?

Before I get into things, I would like to note that I am still working on the look of the site. New plug-ins have been added such as a mobile converter so you can easily view the site on your phone. I hope to have the site 100% in the next few weeks.

Now for some interesting stuff! A long time ago when HTML5 was starting to get big I wrote a small JavaScript function to create some random DIVs with random fill colors. The result can be seen here ( This page allows you to move the DIVs randomly or change colors (or both). My main idea here was to see what a browser could handle, also mobile phones. This was created before smart phones turned genius. I was messing around to see what the typical phone could handle with some brute coding. This is not anything fancy and HTML5 has superior methods.


The result of my findings were that phones could handle a lot, but they have limits. If you keep pressing the button to change the DIVs colors or motion your browser will most likely eventually lag out or freeze (so be careful).


I have many other fun test scripts, but this one I though most interesting as you do not realize your browsers capabilities until you try them out. Test the script in IE, Chrome, and Firefox if you can! Have fun with it and write your own script.


That is all for now,


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