Motorola Motorokr ST-99 Stereo Bluetooth Knockoff review

This is a review of the Motorola ST-99 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, a knockoff version I picked up for about $35 on ebay.

Main view of the knockoff headphones

Main features

As you can see from the image the headphones are wireless (they are bluetooth, they wirelessly connect to your phone). Out of the box you get the headset, a charger, a extra set of ear buds, and a instruction booklet. The unit is pretty easy to use and you do not need much knowledge in order to use it. The great thing about these headphones is not only can you listen to music with them, but they double up as a headset you can talk with. This means if you are listening to music and you receive a call, you can accept or ignore it without reaching into your pants. You also can skip a song if you do not want to listen to it right from the headset.

Connecting the device

Connecting the device is simple. You hold the power button until the LED indicator flashes blue and red. Then you can search it with your Bluetooth enabled device and enter the passcode 0000 for access. To power the device on and off you simply hold the power button.

ST-99 Power, LED, and Charger slot

I had no issue using the device as far as connection goes. I have used it on my cell phone, mp3 player, and playstation. Any Bluetooth device it should work on.


The player does the following:

  • Built in rechargeable battery (about 5 hours use per charge)
  • Allows you to listen to audio
  • Allows you to use the built in mic to talk
  • Allows for play/FF/RW/pause of music
  • Allows accept/hangup of a call

ST-99 built in buttons


The headset is great all-around. I use them mostly at the gym as it is annoying to have the weights rip a corded headset out of your ears. I have no issue being 10 to 20 feet away from the device I am playing my music from. The only issue I have had with this headset is when I am outdoors walking they will sometimes cut in and out, I have no idea why but if I walk indoors they work perfect.

My favorite thing about the headset if the ability to pause and change songs without having to take my phone out of my pocket.


The headphones come with 2 size ear buds, both fit me. However, I found one of the ear buds to be sharp and I scraped them a bit to wear the sharp edge off. After that I have no issue having them in my ears for hours. I gave my father a pair of these headphones and he loves watching movies and using them for audio. They could be comfier, but for the price I cannot complain.

Audio Quality

As far as music goes, they sound good. They are no $200 BOSE headphones but for under $50 they are amazing. They have good bass and I can enjoy music with them. I would not use them to seriously sit down and listen to some jams, but if you are using them for casual listening or the gym, they are your go to headphones.

For phone calls, I have no issue hearing the person talking to me and who I am talking to can hear me clearly. Even at the gym were it can be noisy I have had no issue with phone calls. Some people look at you funny when you are talking because it looks like you are talking to yourself due to the headphones looking like, well, headphones.


I have dropped these headphones many times. I have soaked my shirt with sweat and had my hair dripping. These headphones have been through a lot in a year, the quality of them is amazing and I have no fear of being rough with them. I have not much to say about durability, they are perfect in this aspect.


  • Amazing price
  • Built in controls
  • Plays music and allows phone calls with the built-in mic
  • NO CORDS!!


  • Ear bud CAN be uncomfortable
  • Use outside is questionable
  • Hard to get USB door fully closed (not really an issue, it is soft rubber)
  • People look at you funny when you use them for a phone call


Final Thoughts

To sum up my review I would say if you want a cheap Bluetooth headset to listen to music on the go, these are a buy. I would not recommend them for high end audio or outdoor use, but for in a gym setting or sitting down for a movie they are great. I am not sure if the outdoor issue is with all Bluetooth devices like this, or just because of the build I have. In the year I have had them, in a gym setting they are amazing and durable.

2 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    I have triedthe passcode 0000 and it doesn’t not work

  2. admin says:

    What happens when you try it? I have used them on several devices without issue.

    Yours might have a different code perhaps, did it come with a manual?

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