Never Have I Ever 2.0 – Updates and How To

Never have I ever is a fun game to play in a group of people. It helps you get to know your friends and break the ice at parties. The basic concept is you think of something and attach Never Have I Ever to it. Such as, Never Have I Ever played bowling. If people have done it they say so.


This app takes the thinking part and awkward silences out of playing Never Have I Ever. This app brings a party to life.


A screen shot of Version 2.0:


Pretty basic design, easy to use.

Clicking Show Options allows you to quickly change the options.

Your options are:

Data On/Off – Uses wifi or 3g to load user content

PG On/Off – Allows safe questions for all ages

18+ ON/Off – Anything goes

Speech on/off – The game will say outloud the questions


You may see the app in the google play store:

That is the paid version, the free version is not yet updated to 2.0. Once it is I will make a post about it.



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