Never Have I Ever Android App

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This app is created by me and looks like this:


It is a pretty simple design. Design can be changed later, once you have the functionality you can pretty it up.

Within the first day of release it received 14 downloads with 12 active installs. This is pretty good because within a few hours it recieved more downloads than my next popular app. It may not seem like a lot but when one app is up for several days and a new one beats it within hours, it is exciting.

The app itself has 60 predefined Never Have I Ever questions. 30 are age appropriate, 30 are adult only. You can toggle between them via the check boxes. One box will display all 60 questions, while the second displays 30, just the adult ones.

With some active installs I am going to plan my next update for it early. First, I need more questions. Lots more. Second, I need a better UI but with the option to keep it simple. Lastly, I want user submitted Never Have I Evers. With these three things in-place this small app turns into something people use once in awhile to being the go-to for parties, get togethers, or just time killers.


What you should take away from this is, do not be afraid to make small apps. Your app does not have to be amazing, it has to work. Once it works, you can work on the flashy features, if you choose. Also, reward the people downloading your app. My way of saying thanks is adding more questions and planning the next update. Do not make an app and just forget about it if it is active. Even if your app is not being used, you can still upgrade them over time because you never know what that update may do for its popularity.


Over the next couple days I will be making short post about each app I have currently so I may add it to my App page,


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