Never Have I Ever Now Available On AirConsole – Party with friends

Never Have I Ever (NHIE) is now available on AirConsole! If you have never played Never Have I Ever, it is quite simple. You ask a question, something you have not done, and if someone has done it they say so. You can mix in drinking, so the person who has done it drinks.

For example, if it was my turn, I would say “Never Have I Ever Gone Sky Diving” and those who have, drink. This makes it a great group game to get to know your friends better on a Saturday night.


AirConsole turns your computer into the console and your phone into the controller. This means you (most likely) have everything needed to play. The AirConsole version of Never Have I Ever lets you customize the game for adult rated questions, PG 13 questions, drinking, and the number of “Did It” responses in order to win. The questions are generated automated, getting rid of the awkward wait sometimes when someone cannot think of a question.


Play the game for free here: (no downloads required!)


What do you think of the game? What are your crazy “Never Have I Ever” stories?

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