Porting Android to Blackberry 10 has never been easier

Porting from Android to Blackberry 10 is pretty easy. RIM has done a great job in making us developers be able to use their platform with ease.

This is a relatively non-technical post just to emphasize how easy it is to port your app. Blackberry cost nothing in order to submit apps, so why not reach out to another market?


If you want to port an app to Blackberry 10 from android, you can use multiple options.

You have a command line option, online option, and a plug-in option.

For the online option, go to https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/android/bpaa/ and follow the steps.


Personally, I tried the plugin option. You can follow the steps at https://developer.blackberry.com/android/documentation/install_plugin_prerequisites_1895476_11.html in order to get the plug-in for eclipse.


What I did to port my application in eclipse:

1) Installed the plugin

2) Installed the blackberry simulator (go to http://us.blackberry.com/sites/developers/resources/simulators.html)

3) In eclipse, I copied (highlight your project, then press ctrl+c) and pasted (ctrl+v) my android project

4) Right click the newly pasted project and go to Blackberry Tools, then press Add Blackberry Nature to Project

5) Set up your keys by going to Preferences > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Tools SDK > Bar Signer or Targets.(it takes up to 2 hours for RIM to send you keys, once you have them they work for all of your projects)

6) Run as Simulator!

That is pretty much it. In under 5 minutes in eclipse I had my app ported to blackberry.

I made no changes to my code for it to work, even adMob worked.


Things to consider:

  • Android TTS will not port to blackberry (it will not through an error, but will crash your app when you try it) you can use something like iSpeech instead (it is free)
  • Block market URL’s in adMob since they cannot be loaded on blackberry (it could make your app not get approved)
  • It takes longer to get your app into the blackberry market (apps must be reviewed and verified)
  • You will have to do some modifying for some features to work or be appropriate (such as if your app has a feedback option, you must correct its URL since you do not want a blackberry app to try and go to the android market)

What are you waiting for? Get porting!



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