Welcome to the games page!

Here you will find all the games we have developed and allow you to play. The first set of games are functional while the rest are previous games that may not be available for play yet.


Functional Games


Human Escape – My pride and joy. Unfortunately it suffered damage from our previous host. The game is slowly being built back up as players come back to it. The game is text based and has many races and classes. You can wield swords of great power, cast spells to horridly decapitate your foe, or suck their blood dry as a vampire. The community can chat together or occupy kingdoms. You have many quest to complete that unlock many new features to help you along your way. Monthly tournaments can yield great prizes and prove who was the strongest.

Over Thrown – A game that grows with its player base. As players explore the realm they discover new monsters with stronger abilities. You can even engrave your name in history by naming newly discovered monsters. Enjoy conversing with a fully functional chat. A great RPG experience in a text-based environment. It works in multiple browsers, but chrome or firefox is recommended. The game is currently not being developed further, it is more so of a showcase and tester.

Rock Paper Scissors – A small but well known game created using construct to test out its capabilities. Created in under two hours, it is fully functional allowing you to play against the computer and keep score. It is simply, paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper. Give it a go!


Obsolete Games


Human Wars – Human wars was a mini-game to Human Escape. It was a kingdom based game were you tried to occupy the most land. The game had periodic resets and depending on your rank you gained prizes in Human Escape. It was removed once more time was needed to be dedicated to Human Escape.

Other Works

Black Knight – A game created to sell. It was a small RPG with functional movements, monsters, items, and chat. I tried to find the current whereabouts of it but it was designed some years ago.