This or That for Android Gets An Awesome Update!

This Or That is a game were you are presented with two options, but you can only choose one. It was recently updated, and due to overwhelming user feedback another update was just performed for Android! In this latest release a couple updates occured:


User Submission: You can now submit your own This Or That’s easily! If we like them, you will see them in the next version.

Mixture: Previously, you could only choose between good or bad sets of options. Now, you can get a mixture!

Set This Or Thats: Originally, there was a bunch of This Or Thats, that randomly get generated. In this update, we introduced some that are guarateed. For example, choosing between a cat or dog, could randomly happen. But so could cat and house, cat and car, cat and many other options. I believe having some options that are guaranteed adds a bit of a kick to the game players will love.

Smart Algorithm: In order to make sure you never run out of This Or Thats, an algorithm is used to ensure you get a mixture of unique This Or Thats, and set This Or Thats introduced in this new version.


Get the game today for free here:


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