This Or That For Android Gets An Update

This Or That has been updated for Android (and soon Windows/Windows Phone). Now you can compare your choice with others around the globe.

What Is This Or That?

This or that starts by presenting you two options. Good or Bad. The whole game revolves around two choices, and you must pick only one of them. By picking Good choices, you will get questions like “Be a millionaire” vs. “Live forever.” You must pick one, and only one choice. Bad options, would include things such as “Break a leg” vs. “Lose your phone.” With over 300 unique questions, the options are nearly endless!

What Is In The Update?

In this new version of This Or That, your answers are compared with others. You can now see how many other people chose the same answer as you!


I Want This Or That, Now!

You can download This Or That for android, here:

You can get it for android, but it is not the latest version yet (it is missing the comparison option):

Try it in your browser or phone here:

You can even purchase the code and see how it is built for yourself! (Please note, it is the first version you can buy, the one without the comparison):

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