Unistalling VMWare Workstation when Hyper-V is enabled

Issue Unistalling VMWare

If you have VMWare installed and want to remove it, you might run into issues if you have Hyper-V on your machine. When you try to remove VMWare you get a messaged saying it cannot use the application on a machine with Hyper-V installed. Since we want to remove the application, this is a pretty useless check.


For me, I was uninstalling VMWare from my Windows 10 machine. I had to navigate to c:\ProgramData\VMWare\VMWare WorkStation\Unistaller and edit the file bootstrap.lua.

Workaround For The Workaround

Depending on your system, if you run into issues opening or saving the file (such as file in use, or priveledge required) you can copy the boostrap.lua file to an easily accessible location, such as Documents. Note: if you do not have issues editing the bootstrap.lua file in ProgramData, simply edit and save it there.

Once copied, open the file and find this line, and comment it out:


Comments are lines starting with two dashes, –. The line should look like this once commented out:


Now save the file. You now have a modified boostrap.lua file in your Documents, and the old one to replace in the ProgramData folder. Delete the boostrap.lua file in the ProgramData, and then copy the new file from your Documents to the ProgramData folder.

You can now uninstall VMWare without issues.

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