Using Windows On Android: Why TeamViewer Is Cool

Using Windows on Android, say what? That is right, you can access and “use” Windows on your mobile phone. You are not exactly installing windows on your phone, simply streaming your computer to your phone. This means, you require a computer in order to accomplish this. As a result, you can do some pretty cool things.

In this screenshot, I am actually installing Windows, from my phone, onto my computer:

TeamView on Android

TeamView on Android

Why, you may ask. Why not, I would say. Using your mobile phone to use your computer for certain tasks is very convenient. For example, installing Windows. Not much input is needed. I can watch a movie and check TeamViewer every once in awhile, to complete the installing on my laptop in another room.

Another awesome usage is running things you normally cannot on your phone. Can you say Diablo 3? Heck yes! Now, it is not a perfect way to play games but it is good enough for time killing. Performance is as good as your network and computer. As for input, you can easily play/do things that require simple input. I would not recommend doing anything that relies heavily on switching from a keyboard and mouse (sorry, no excel sheets!). You can of course, add a keyboard, mouse, or gaming pad.

TeamViewer works on most mobile devices, and is simple to setup. I will not cover the setup, but if you have any questions I will try to help you.


Another usage of mine is say I am upstairs watching movies, streaming from Plex to Chromecast. If I forgot to update my library, normally I would have to go downstairs to my Plex Machine and update the library. With TeamViewer, I whip out my phone, log into my computer, and update my library. Simple as that!


This was just a small quick post to get a general overview of the benefits of TeamViewer. It is pretty funny to think about this: I installed Windows, from within Windows, using my mobile phone. The possibilities are endless.


What do you use TeamViewer (or similar applications) for?

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